The Hambourg Boutique 10th anniversary – September 2017


Hamburg, 29 September 2017 – Kiton, the Italian company that specialises in haute couture, celebrated the tenth anniversary of its boutique in Hamburg with a cocktail party devoted to its most faithful clients.
To underline its special bond with the city, Kiton presented a limited edition of two new models of bespoke thermal outerwear designed and produced to meet the needs of a public who adore exclusive, sober and functional elegance.

The boutique, which has a total floor area of 380 sq m in the highly central location of Jungfernstieg, houses the menswear, womenswear and accessories collections. It has confirmed its status as a key store for the Naples-based brand which regards Germany as one of its main markets.

Specially for the occasion, a tailor, a shirtmaker, a tie-maker and a shoemaker came to Hamburg from Naples and put on a live performance. The art of fine tailoring and craftsmanship were displayed by the four expert artisans who shared the secrets of their skills with the guests.

The standout items of the evening were two exclusive garments produced in a limited edition specially for the Hamburg store: a jacket and a lightweight jacket – both thermal – made of guanaco wool with only 4 being made of each item.
The structure of each garment consists of an outer fabric of guanaco wool with high quality cupro lining – a fibre of natural origin made from the purest cellulose contained in cotton linters – and Kiton’s own patented silk underlining.

To underline its special bond with the city, Kiton presented a limited edition of two new models of bespoke thermal outerwear.

Guanaco fibre, which is second only to vicuna in terms of quality, is a natural material made up of a fibre with a diameter of just 13 microns. Its distinctive feature is its incredible fineness which ensures that a garment is extraordinarily light, providing it both with softness and thermal insulation.

The Kiton woollen mill has meticulously capitalised all the minute quantities of this yarn that exist in the world and has made a quality of fabric that is ideal for creating thermal insulated garments. It marks a further development of the Kiton project which has always focused on innovation and continuous experimentation.

The celebrations held to mark the tenth anniversary of the Hamburg boutique represent further proof of the importance of the German market for Kiton which also has stores in Dusseldorf and Munich where a flagship store was opened in 2016.<br />

Its importance is not merely strategic but also reflects historical and emotional ties since Germany and Hamburg were the first places where the Kiton jacket enjoyed an enthusiastic public reception outside Italy, enabling Ciro Paone to launch a policy of internationalisation of the company towards the end of the 1960s.