My name is KNT

My name is KNT: an exclusive party that tells the story of KNT through Art, Design, Fashion and Music.

On Monday 17 June, in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Kiton in the heart of the Brera district of Milan, Kiton will present “My name is KNT”, an exclusive party that tells the story of KNT, its aesthetic and linguistic codes, through an innovative format that combines elements of Art, Design, Fashion and Music, interpreted by young artists and talents with the contemporary approach of Unconventional Tailoring, the style proposed by the designers Mariano and Walter De Matteis.

The brothers have “laid seige” to the the hallowed rules of tailoring and brought them into line with new trends and needs, without losing any of the quintessential spirit of the company.

The freedom of dress-down Friday now looks like an outdated concession.
The entrepreneurs behind newcos have gone beyond the jacket-and-tie formula in favour of more intriguing designs. Within this perspective, Kiton has embarked on a unique approach, adding a more experimental section to its more formal collection.

KNT distinctive clothes are designed with surgical precision, due care and respect. Conventional yarns are worked with equipment not traditionally associated with the world of tailoring to create graphic effects and textures never previously attempted for a classic men’s wardrobe. The noblest fibres have a more technical appearance, the tailoring procedures have been lightened to obtain greater versatility, praticality and dynamism. Everything has been designed for generations who are constantly on the move. The era of the office building is over and the modern office has shifted, following people from an airport lounge to a beach bar. The only constraint is wi-fi and the gateway is an individual’s own device. What counts is not the place but the end result. However, each situation requires specific attire and KNT is moving in this direction. The perfect jacket is transformed through the addition of a hood or losing the lapels. Free and unconventional. The exquisite knitwear is made on looms used to make socks so that garments are more impalpable. The warp and weft, symbols of an ancient tradition, become the means to “programme” surprising surfaces stretching performance to the limits with innovative patterns that evoke metropolitan signs, industrial details and metals, and tarmac in all its various shades. KNT is not luxury sportswear. Instead, it grasps contemporary language and turns it into clothing.