I have never compromised
on quality

FW19-20 – Jacket: Cashmere and Silk with knitwear effect

FW19-20 – Jacket: Cashmere and Silk with bouclé effect

FW19-20 – Jacket: Pure cashmere

FW19-20 – Jacket: Cashmere inspired by historic design

FW19-20 – Suit: Cashmere inspired by English Tweed

FW19-20 – Suit: Cashmere Silk and Linen with microdesign

FW19-20 – Suit: Cashmere and 14 micron wool

FW19-20 – Suit: Pure combed cashmere

FW19-20 – Coat: Pure cashmere with melange effect

SS19 – Suit: Solaro Fabric 13.2 micron wool

SS19 – Suit: 14 micron wool

SS19 – Suit: Cashmere & Linen

SS19 – Jacket: Summer Vicuna

SS19 – Jacket: Cashmere Millionaire

SS19 – Jacket: Cashmere Thinned Millionaire

SS19 – Jacket: Cashmere seersucker

SS19 – Jacket: Kiton patterns of the 60’s