KNT, a new urbanwear collection – october 2018

KNT, a new urbanwear collection created by Kiton

Iconic Italian menswear brand Kiton is set to launch ‘KNT’ – a high-end fashion urbanwear collection, created in Italy by Mariano and Walter De Matteis, third generation of the Kiton family.

The collection is presented at the Kiton flagship boutique in New York as international “premiere”. A new concept store has been created to reflect the KNT aesthetic codes and languages.

KNT will be available in selected Kiton boutique worldwide and in department stores by October 2018.

Starting with obsessive research of new fabrics (KNT stands for Kiton New Textures), the collection incorporates the highly esteemed tailoring knowledge that Kiton is world renowned for, combined with modern cuts and nonchalant structures that are focused on the urban architecture and metropolitan culture.

The complete KNT menswear assortment consists of matching monochrome garments with clean-cut lines and features separates including jackets, joggers, shirting, sneakers and more. Textiles patterns and style garments are inspired by the lines of the urban architecture and reflect the taste for minimalism and for mixing up different languages.
Black, White, Shadows of Grey and Blue are the key shades of the collection.

Speaking to the new generations of world citizens, KNT aims to be the new way to interpret the own personal style with the collections young and sophisticated appeal.

The collection is designed for the modern globetrotter, a man who adores exploring new places, discovering new cultures, putting his own life in a suitcase and setting off. A man who is an authentic dreamer who lives in elegance as the harmonious balance between dynamism and relaxation, design and comfort.

The concept of “luggage” goes beyond the concept of functionality becoming the icon to represent the ultimate ambition of the designers: always ready to set off on his next journey, the new leisure consumer prefers travelling light with comfort clothes that can be folded without getting creased.

Each product is an expression of the iconic Kiton fabrics, such as 14-micron wool, combed Italian cashmeres, linen and sea island cotton. These fabrics are created by the round looms which are usually used for weaving the finest quality of socks. The woven process ensures the creation of light, wraparound, naturally elastic fabrics, ideal for the gentleman on the go.

Alongside the launch of the collection, KNT unveils its advertising campaign signed by Francesco Carrozzini, the Italian-born director and photographer. The campaign features the twin designers Walter and Mariano De Matteis.

Five years after the last collaboration with the Neapolitan fashion house, Francesco Carozzini has been involved in the birth of this project by the twins, who have re-established in him a sensitive, modern eye, coherent with the aesthetic codes of KNT.

Kiton is a brand that represents the excellence of Italian haute couture. Founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968, the company celebrates its preeminent role with the slogan “the best of the best + 1”: the love and passion for elegant clothing is combined with the desire to create handcrafted garments in which the vaunted tradition of Neapolitan bespoke tailoring is given an innovative twist. With 5 manufacturing sites in Italy and about 800 employees, of whom over half are artisans, Kiton has achieved constant growth, consolidating its position thanks to its presence in 73 markets and its 53 single brand boutique.