New store opening in Las vegas – 2018

Kiton, new store opening at Las Vegas

Kiton is expanding into the US market, opening a boutique within the Wynn resort.


Kiton is opening a new monobrand boutique at Las Vegas in the United States within the prestigious Wynn resort. The premises occupy an area of 180 sq.m. designed around the key element of Kiton – the unique nature of its fabrics – in order to reflect the core philosophy of the brand. Kiton’s exclusive fabrics have been used to adorn and upholster the chairs and sofas and create furnishings and curtains. The furniture is also enhanced with walnut, another material that is in harmony with the brand’s aesthetic and style codes – the same wood is also used in the Kiton headquarters at Arzano and at Palazzo Kiton in Milan. This intentional choice is aimed to underline the link with the company’s home base, Italian flair and the origins of the fashion house where Kiton’s products are created. Another decorative leitmotif is art: the boutique will present several works that have been specially commissioned and created to mark the occasion.


The Kiton boutique at Las Vegas – Wynn resort will stock the menswear and womenswear collections as well as the line of accessories. Part of the boutique will also be devoted to the brand’s exclusive Bespoke service, with a display of fabrics and products produced “exclusively for Kiton Las Vegas”.

Two of the store window displays will be entirely devoted to enhancing Kiton’s line of accessories.

Kiton in the USA

The opening of the Las Vegas store celebrates Kiton’s deep roots in the US market where the company has been present since 1980 with about 20 sales outlets including boutiques, corner stores and monobrand store-within-stores.