Introducing fall/winter 2018/19 Men’s Collection

The Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection aims to offer Kiton’s male clientele a wide range of items which cater for their needs. From business attire to leisure-wear, the collection has been tailor-made for dynamic, cosmopolitan men with sophisticated tastes who are aware of the latest trends but remain faithful to the timeless appeal of Neapolitan sartorial expertise. The past is turned into cutting-edge fashion while the future is tinged with tradition.


The Kiton Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection is marked by the debut of KNT, the first collection signed by the twins Mariano and Walter De Matteis, the third generation of the Kiton family.

The KNT collection consists of a coat, a heavy jacket, a suit, 2 joggers, 2 shirts, 3 sweatshirts and 4 sneakers. An exclusive menswear collection of matching monochrome garments with extremely clean-cut lines. Each type of garment is identified by a name that explains the stylistic and technical features.

KNT offers a relaxed, less formal style that can be worn by men throughout the day. The combination of travel wear with the appeal of bespoke tailoring is the strategy which Kiton intends to employ to open its doors to urban culture.

By following the Kiton philosophy, the KNT collection has also been developed through intensive research on weaving and technology. Hence the name KNT, the acronym of Kiton New Textures. The clothes, presented at an exclusive show in Milan, have been created by reinterpreting iconic Kiton fabrics such as 14 micron wool, combed cashmeres and cashmere and linen, produced on looms that have never previously been used for such fine yarns. The colour palette of blue, black, and anthracite grey is enhanced with a hint of burgundy red. KNT sneakers reflect the spirit of the collection and complete the look.

The KNT project aims to be a constantly evolving collection that will gradually have new additions during the season to respond rapidly to changing tastes and market needs.

 Walter & Mariano De Matteis, creative directors KNT

“KNT is a source of immense pride to us. Working with our father is a tough testing ground. He always expects from us twice the commitment that he expects from his other assistants. We have tried to put his teachings to good use, learn from his reprimands, steal his secrets and cultivate his love of fabrics and quality. This is how KNT was created. The collection reflects our concept of relaxed elegance and comfort without giving up on sartorial excellence and high quality raw materials. We are delighted to represent the third generation of the Kiton family. We have a huge responsibility but we are excited by the challenge”.

 Vicuña yarn

Thanks to further developments in the “Pure Vicuña Yarn” project, the collection features unstructured, unlined jackets made of denim-effect vicuña. The effect is created by special weaving of the yarn with cashmere and silk.

A new feature of this season’s collection is the introduction of the double face coat made of Yangir vicuña. The fabric, produced exclusively in the Kiton woollen mill in Biella, combines two noble fibres, vicuña and Yangir cashmere, a precious yarn from Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Available in a range of new materials and models, with a sporty twist, the three-piece suit with a waistcoat is a must-have item for a contemporary gentleman’s wardrobe, especially in shades of blue.

As an icon of timeless style and elegance, the suit is available in Saxony fabric, flannel-like wools and fabrics with a lighter structure in greys and browns.


 Whether intended as an elegant garment that accompanies a man during his daily routine or as an accessory, the Kiton jacket is a jewel that involves 33,000 steps and the expertise of 25 different skilled artisans.

The world of the unstructured jacket plays a key role in the collection. This jacket is available in jersey-effect yarns, armure weave fabrics, natural stretch and denim-effect fabrics.

The patterned jackets are made with the G processing technique, a special type of construction that lends a formal appearance to the upper part of the garment and a casual, flowing look to the lower part.

Special attention has been paid to formal wear. The iconic dinner jacket made of superfine 13.5 micron wool is the essential item in the wardrobe of gentlemen who wish to have a perfect look even on the most special occasions.


The Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection confirms the success of the coat as a stylish gament, a must-have item of a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Taken from the archives of the woollen mill dating to the 1960s and 1970s, the historic designs are transformed and given a contemporary twist.

The range of coats consists of new mixture of colours that even include printed cashmere Yangir.
The main colours are blue and green, blue and white and burgundy and black.


Smart casual attire completes and enhances the Kiton Fall/Winter collection.

The denim quilted jacket with jersey inserts, the concept of “college apparel” in exclusive cashmere fleece, and the nutria fur or mink denim are designed for more relaxed moments for men who are used to the comfort of bespoke tailoring.

In the world of leather items, there is a fantastic selection of high quality nappa leather and suede, including reindeer leather which is impossible to find elsewhere. Kiton also stands out for its quest for super-luxury technical materials, developing a goose-down fabric and creating a triple layer cashmere, obtaining an unlined coat with unprecedented thermal insulation.

The sweatshirt with sheepskin lining, ideal for jogging, and the sheepskin jackets with heat-sealed cashmere inserts, complete the wardrobe of Kiton’s male clientele who fully appreciate quality clothing.


The key word is the contamination of styles, materials and details.

As regards footwear, the collection includes features from the world of sportswear and outdoor clothing combined with classic forms and materials.

Classic forms and materials are matched with technical details and materials such as lycra sports fabric and  rubber-coated textiles: an example is the comfortable sock sneaker in melange lycra.

The easy-to-wear concept also includes different models with a double buckle, derby shoes and brogues, made of soft suede. Brightly coloured and extra light weight shoes are the features that add the finishing touch to the collection.